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These Pokémon games take place in the Aotokeloa region, which is based on New Zealand and surrounding islands, it is considered to be a sister region to Alola. The games are Pokémon Masque Version and Pokémon Cloque Version:

  • The Aotokeloa region is composed of two large main islands and some smaller surrounding islands. The southern island features craggy coastal cliffs with hidden coves, idyllic farmlands can be found further inland and are punctuated by estuaries and areas of hilly wilderness, with a narrow alpine region running along the left side of the island's lower half. The northern island is home to several dormant and active volcanoes surrounded by lush rainforest, secluded marshes and tropical beaches, extensive caverns run throughout both islands with the depths of many remaining unexplored.
    • Other islands:
      • Olde Kalodon is found to the northwest of the Aotokeloan mainland, based on New Caledonia it is a colony of the Kalos region and is the largest of the smaller islands, it is home to Kalos species as well as a few new species not found on the Aotokeloan mainland
  • The three starter Pokémon are Badpole; the Grass/Dark-type tadpole Pokémon, Cinderbat; the Fire/Flying-type bat Pokémon and Wavyper; the Water/Poison-type sea snake Pokémon
  • The region's Pokémon professor is professor Beech, a rural-styled professor and a colleague of the Sinnoh region's professor Rowan
  • The antagonist teams are Team Mask and Team Cloak, who have a rivalry similar to that of Team Magma and Team Aqua from Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Version.
    • Team Mask:
      • Antics include the player encountering the team impersonating Pokémon scientists, with the grunts disguising themselves professor Beech's lab researchers, the lieutenants as his aides, and the leader as professor Beech herself
    • Team Cloak:
      • Antics include include the player encountering the team blending in with a flock of sheep Pokémon, with the grunts camouflaging themselves as Faewe, the lieutenants as Solaries and the leader as an Allama
  • The eight Gym Leaders use Grass, Normal, Flying, Fairy, Bug, Fighting, Water and Rock types
  • The Elite Four use Flying, Dark, Poison and Fire types
  • The grouping arrangement of this region's Pokédex is designed to be somewhat comparable to generation I's Kanto Pokédex

Meaning of version names:

Pokémon Masque Version — This version is based around the aspect of disguising oneself using a mask, you can see here that the design example is a colourful butterfly mask, and 'masque' is just an archaic form of the word 'mask'
Pokémon Cloque Version — This version is based around the aspect of hiding and camouflaging oneself into their environemnt by using a hooded cloak, you can see here in this example that the cloak has an earthy moth-like design, and as the word 'cloque' means an embossed fabric, it is applicable here as a stylisation of the word 'cloak'


  • Fomantisboy35
    • Initial concept draft
    • Original creature concepts #016, #017, #027, #028, #029, #040, #041, #042, #048, #071, #072, #081 and #083
    • Original version names and initial stylistic material
  • Freighttrain
    • Region name and concepts
    • Development of version concepts and alterations to original version names
    • All creature concepts with the exception of those listed as Fomantisboy35's
      • Alterations to Fomantisboy35's original creature concepts (#016, #017, #027, #028, #029, #040, #041, #042, #048, #071, #072, #081 and #083) and their names

Aotokeloan Pokédex

List of Pokémon species introduced in Generation #
Name No. Type(s) Classification Evolves into Description
English Meaning Primary Secondary
Badpole (bad+ tadpole) #001 Grass Dark Tadpole Thiefrog The Grass-type starter in the game. An antisocial Pokémon, it will hide at the water's edge among the vegetation, waiting to ambush small bug Pokémon for food while it waits to eovlve.
Thiefrog (thief + frog) #002 Grass Dark Tree frog Toadsteal The evolved form of Badpole. It is fond of stealing things and then hiding them in its throat pouch.
Toadsteal (toad + steal + toadstool) #003 Grass Dark Toad (Final stage) The final form of Badpole. It steals things with its long tongue, and hides them underneath the cap of the large toadstool on its back.
Cinderbat (cinder + bat) #004 Fire Flying Bat Bombat The Fire-type starter in the game. ?.
Bombat (bomb + bat) #005 Fire Flying Bat Pyrodactyl The evolved form of Cinderbat. ?.
Pyrodactyl (pyro + dactyl) #006 Fire Flying Giant bat (Final stage) The final form of Cinderbat. ?.
Wavyper (wave + wavy + viper) #007 Water Poison Sea snake Diviper The Water-type starter in the game. Mildly venomous, it is able to paralyze prey with its bite, it spends most of its time on the beach and enjoys surfing waves in the shallows.
Diviper (dive + viper) #008 Water Poison Sea snake Hydrophidian The evolved form of Wavyper. Now highly venemous, it has taken to diving beneath the surface in search of larger prey.
Hydrophidian (hydro- + ophidian) #009 Water Poison Sea serpent (Final stage) The final form of Wavyper. Now very large and with highly potent venom, it is capable of seeking out large bottom dwelling prey at greater depths. Evidence has been found of it coming into territorial conflict with Gyarados over feeding grounds.
Cratopillar (aristocrat + caterpillar) #010 Bug Fairy Caterpillar Pupillon A snooty caterpillar Pokémon. It can produce colourful patterns on its body to appear poisonous to predators. It is common in Pokémon Masque Version, but rare in Pokémon Cloque Version.
Pupillon (pupa + papillon (French)) #011 Bug Fairy Pupa Transchromarch The evolved form of Cratopillar. ?. It is common in Pokémon Masque Version, but rare in Pokémon Cloque Version.
Transchromarch (transform + chroma + monarch (butterfly)) #012 Bug Fairy Monarch butterfly (Final stage) The final form of Cratopillar. ?.
Cloakrawly (cloak + creepy-crawly) #013 Bug Dark Caterpillar Cloakoon A caterpillar Pokémon. ?. It is common in Pokémon Cloque Version, but rare in Pokémon Masque Version.
Cloakoon (cloak + cocoon) #014 Bug Dark Cocoon Camothrag The evolved form of Cloakrawly. ?. It is common in Pokémon Cloque Version, but rare in Pokémon Masque Version.
Camothrag (camouflage + moth + rag) #015 Bug Dark Hercules moth (Final stage) The final form of Cloakrawly. ?.
Weewi (wee + kiwi (bird)) #016 Normal Flying Kiwi bird Peewi The regional bird. It is flightless and is related to Doduo, though are more docile. Usually a solitary species, they are capable of running at high speeds.
Peewi (peewee + kiwi (bird)) #017 Normal Flying Kiwi bird Moawi The evolved form of Weewi. It is larger and has also become more aggressive, usually associating with five or eight other individuals.
Moawi (moa + kiwi (bird)) #018 Normal Flying Moa (Final stage) The final form of Weewi. It is a Peewi that has developed atavistic traits, becoming larger and more robust, though not as quick as its previous evolutions. They hunt in packs of three and have large talons that can stomp and tear at prey, they are a constant threat to flocks of Lullamb and Faewe.
Skipling (skip + -ling) #019 Normal Joey Wallabounce A joey Pokémon. ?.
Wallabounce (wallaby + bounce) #020 Normal Wallaby (Final stage) The evolved form of Skipling. ?.
Aquilite (aquila + lite + -ite) #021 Rock Flying Eaglet Aquilith An eaglet Pokémon. They are found on the seaside cliffs and alpine terrain where Aquilith make their nests, they have an inquisitive yet aggressive temperament.
Aquilith (aquila + -lith) #022 Rock Flying Haast's eagle (Final stage) A large eagle Pokémon. A rarely seen species, Aquilith are rugged like the seaside cliffs and alpine terrain they nest in. They prey mainly on flocks of Faewe, but will also go after most Pokémon found in the surrounding bushland, including solitary Moawi.
Lullamb (lullaby + lamb) #023 Normal Fairy Lamb Faewe (female) or Solaries (male) A merry lamb Pokémon. It enjoys frollicking in meadows and is good friends with Huntawag.
Faewe (fae + wicked) #024 Normal Fairy Ewe (Final stage) The evolved form of a female Lullamb. Docile and friendly, its fleece has a passive magical ability that produces a pleasant air of serenity around itself.
Solaries (solar + aries) #025 Normal Fairy Ram (Final stage) The evolved form of a male Lullamb. Its fleece draws power from the light of the sun, and can project blinding light from its magical horns to disorientate foes, it engages in friendly matches of horn-clashing with other Solaries.
Sablamb (sable + lamb) #026 Normal Dark Lamb Eweicked (female) or Angram (male) An troublesome lamb Pokémon. It enjoys ruining people's flower gardens and is the archenemy of Huntawag. There is a 50% chance of obtaining a Sablamb egg when breeding a Faewe holding the Black Fleece item.
Eweicked (ewe + wicked) #027 Normal Dark Ewe (Final stage) The evolved form of a female Sablamb. It has been known to kidnap Lullamb from farms, so that it can try to raise them in the bush as Sablamb.
Angram (angry + ram) #028 Normal Dark Ram (Final stage) The evolved form of a male Sablamb. Like Eweicked, They occupy the narrow strips of bushland in between the farms and the denser vegetation of the hilly wilderness areas. It forms gangs with Hogstile to bully other Pokémon.
Coconade (coconut + grenade) #029 Grass Fire Coconut bunch Dynapalm A cocunut Pokémon. Believed to be related to Exeggcute, ?. It is found on the tropical beaches of the northern island, and is exclusive to Pokémon Masque Version.
Dynapalm (dynamite + napalm + palm (tree)) #030 Grass Fire Coconut tree (Final stage) A coconut tree Pokémon. Believed to be related to Exeggutor, ?. It is found on the tropical beaches of the northern island, and is exclusive to Pokémon Masque Version.
Wetacket (weta + cricket) #031 Bug Wētā A large cricket-like Pokémon, it will moult and change its appearance, elemental type and capabilities to adapt to its environment.
Wetacket - Tree Forme (weta + cricket) #031 - A Bug Grass Tree wētā A large cricket-like Pokémon, this agile forme of Wetacket has moulted to adapt to the forest, it is often jumping from canopy to canopy along the treetops.
Wetacket - Burrow Forme (weta + cricket) #031 - B Bug Ground Ground wētā A large cricket-like Pokémon, this hardy forme of Wetacket has moulted to adapt to burrowing underground.
Wetacket - Cave Forme (weta + cricket) #031 - C Bug Rock Cave wētā A large cricket-like Pokémon, this sensitive forme of Wetacket has moulted to adapt to living inside of caves, it has strong night vision and stridulation sonar.
Wetacket - Belligerent Forme (weta + cricket) #031 - D Bug Fighting Tusked wētā A large cricket-like Pokémon, this aggressive forme of Wetacket has moulted to adapt to defending territory, it has large tusks for fighting other Bug-type Pokémon.
Arboreptile (arboreal + reptile) #032 Grass Tree gecko A tree gecko Pokémon. Related to Aqualotl, Gechove and Newtoxic, it resides in trees where its camouflage makes it nearly indistinguishable from its surroundings. It captures prey with it's long frog-like tongue.
Nymphampire (nymph (insect) + vampire) #033 Bug Water Mosquito larva Tranquito A small mosquito larva Pokémon. ?.
Tranquito (tranquiliser + mosquito) #034 Bug Flying Mosquito (Final stage) The evolved form of Nymphampire. ?.
Caprikid (Capricorn + kid) #035 Normal Goat kid Goatree or Goagrip A baby goat Pokémon. It lives in the scrubland between farms and the hilly wilderness areas and enjoys chasing Oinklet.
Goatree (goat + tree + goatee) #036 Normal Grass Goat (Final stage) A tree-climbing goat Pokémon. It is found inland climbing trees in the hilly wilderness areas of the southern island.
Goagrip (goat + grip) #037 Normal Rock Mountain goat (Final stage) A mountain-climbing goat Pokémon. It is found scaling the mountainous seaside cliffs in the north of the southern island.
Mousea (mouse + sea) #038 Water Water rat Reefrat A small aquatic mouse Pokémon. It is timid and can usually be found near the entrance of seaside coves.
Reefrat (reef + rat) #039 Water Water rat An aquatic rat Pokémon. It hunts for prey in coral reefs and can hold its breath for a long time.
Oinklet (oink + piglet) #040 Normal Ground Piglet Hogruff A timid piglet Pokémon, Oinklet are afraid of other Pokémon and reside in the bushlands between farms and the hilly wilderness areas, digging burrows to hide in.
Hogruff (hog + gruff + rough) #041 Normal Fighting Hog Hogstile A hog Pokémon. It now has tusks and jaws for wrestling other Pokémon, and has a lot of internal anger from when it lived in fear as an Oinklet. When it's about to evolve it will find a cave to unleash its rage inside of.
Hogstile (hog + hostile) #042 Normal Dark Wild boar (Final stage) The final form of Oinklet, residing in the narrow stips of bushland, it is passionately hostile and will often team up with Angram to bully other Pokémon.
Huntawag (Huntaway + wag) #043 Normal Electric Huntaway sheep dog pup Huntahowl A sheep dog pup Pokémon, it is very playful with Lullamb, whose fleece it likes to poof up with its electrical abilities.
Huntahowl (Huntaway + howl) #044 Normal Electric Huntaway sheep dog (Final stage) A large sheep dog Pokémon, it will remain nearby flocks of Lullamb and Faewe to protect them, while Allama watch from afar to alert Huntahowl of Moawi packs on the prowl, against which its Electric-type attacks make it highly effective.
Aqualotl (aqua + axolotl) #045 Water Axalotl An axolotl Pokémon. Related to Arboreptile, Gechove and Newtoxic, it is found in estuaries and ponds, it captures prey with it's long frog-like tongue.
Calflex (calf + flex) #046 Normal Fighting Minotaur calf Pugbull An anthropomorphic calf Pokémon. Energetic and playful, it is good friends with Machop who it spars with.
Pugbull (pugilist + bull) #047 Normal Fighting Minotaur Territaur An anthropomorphic bull Pokémon. Like its friend Machoke who it wrestles with, it wears a power-save belt to manage its great strength, it uses its horns and fists in combat.
Territaur (territory + minotaur) #048 Rock Fighting Minotaur A minotaur Pokémon. Fiercly territorial, it no longer wears a power-save belt, and will create complex tunnel systems with its ruggedly brutal strength. Occasionally while tunneling, it will encounter a Trogloranea or Tuatantrum and fight over territory.
Pyrocone (pyro + pinecone) #049 Grass Fire Pinecone Coniferno A pinecone Pokémon. ?. It is found in the rainforest marshes of the northern island, and is exclusive to Pokémon Cloque Version.
Coniferno (pinecone + conifer + fern + inferno) #050 Grass Fire Conifer (Final stage) A conifer Pokémon. ?. It is found near the rainforest marshes of the northern island, its pinecones are fed on by Slimoeba who will evolve into Thermoeba once they have ingested enough of the flammable chemicals they contain. It is exclusive to Pokémon Cloque Version.
Skipider (skip + spider) #051 Bug Water Fishing spider Anglerachnid A small aquatic spider Pokémon. A friendly and energetic species, it enjoys dashing across the surface of ponds and rivers.
Anglerachnid (angler + arachnid) #052 Bug Water Fishing spider (Final stage) The evolved form of Skipider. While still agile for its size, it became more patient and focused when it evolved. Found mainly on the sides of seaside cliffs, though it is also known to go diving in coral reefs. It uses nets spun from its web to capture aquatic prey.
Gechove (gecko + echo + cove) #053 Rock Cave gecko A reclusive cave gecko Pokémon. Related to Arboreptile, Aqualotl and Newtoxic, it is found only inside of caves, they have adapted strong night vision and echcolocation sensory abilities, they mainly feed on Zubat which it captures with it's long frog-like tongue.
Psycrow (psychic + crow) #054 Flying Psychic New Caledonian crow A highly intelligent crow Pokémon. It has great dexterity with its wings, and is able to wield all manner of tools or weapons like a Farfetch'd, and like Alakazam, it can also use its telekinetic powers to bend small metal objects such as spoons. It is only found in Olde Kalodon.
Pyrrot (pyro + parrot) #055 Flying Fire Kea This parrot Pokémon can emit fireballs from its mouth, mostly solitary it circles above active volcanoes, using its keen eyesight to watch for prey at the edge of the lush rainforests leading on to its volcanic habitat.
Grimer (Aotokeloan) #056 Poison Fire Sludge Muk (Aotokeloan) ?.
Muk (Aotokeloan) #057 Poison Fire Sludge (Final stage) ?. It competes with Magmoeba for the hottest lava. It leaves burning hot trails that give off toxic smoke.
Oystearl (oyster + pearl + earl) #058 Water Oyster An oyster Pokémon. ?. Found only in Olde Kalodon, it is exclusive to Pokémon Masque Version.
Musselith (mussel + -lith) #059 Water Rock Mussel A mussel Pokémon. ?. Found only in Olde Kalodon, it is exclusive to Pokémon Cloque Version.
Maeroghast (Maero + ghast) #060 Dark Ghost Maero A large ghast Pokémon. Believed by many to be a myth or a mistaken sighting of a Trollichen that has wandered from the north. It is said to inhabit the hilly wilderness forests of the southern island.
Predapede (predator + centipede) #061 Bug Grass Centipede (Cormocephalus rubriceps) A large centipede Pokémon. Found only on the northern island, it lives in the rainforest marshes by active volcanoes, it is the apex predator of its environment.
Tidling (tide + -ling) #062 Water Crab Coralord A small crab Pokémon. It is a common sight at the beach, scuttling back and forth with the tide.
Coralord (coral + lord) #063 Water Reef crab Charybastion The evolved from of Tidling. It now spends all its time in reefs, and coral has begun to grow on its back.
Charybastion (charybdis + bastion) #064 Water Rock King crab (Final stage) The final form of Tidling. A huge crab Pokémon, its armoured body is now completely covered in coral and tough spines, it can create whirlpools to draw in Pokémon from the surface of the water. Fiercly territorial of its reef, no aquatic Pokémon dare fight it. When stationary it is nearly indistuinguishable from a coral reef.
Newtoxic (newt + toxic) #065 Poison Newt A poisonous newt Pokémon. Related to Aqualotl, Arboreptile, and Gechove, it is found only on the northern island in the rainforest marshes by active volcanoes. It feeds mainly on Nymphampire which it captures prey with it's long frog-like tongue.
Rockodile (rock + crocodile) #066 Rock Crocodile Ignigator A crocodile Pokémon. It lives inside of caves and occasionally ventures onto the volcanic slopes, tentatively dipping its tail into the lave flows.
Ignigator (igneous + alligator) #067 Rock Fire Crocodile (Final stage) A large lava crocodile Pokémon. It swims up and down lava flows, patrolling its territory and looking for prey, though it seems to ignore Magmoeba and Aotokeloan who it might just regard as lava. The black scutes on ts back blend in with the crust formed at the top of the lava flows, making it indistinguishable from its surroundings and allowing it ambush prey by the lava's edge.
Allama (alarm + llama) #068 Normal Guard llama They work with Huntahowl, its long neck allowing it to watch over flocks of Lullamb and Faewe at a distance, while Huntahowl protect them up close, it is always on the lookout for Moawi packs and Aquilith hunting for prey.
Pupoise (pup + porpoise) #069 Water Dolphin pup Delphae A dolphin pup Pokémon. It is very intelligent and playful, possessing great agility in the water.
Delphae (delphine + fae) #070 Water Fairy Hector's dolphin (Final stage) The evolved form of Pupoise. What it lacks in size it makes up for in intelligence, speed and teamwork, they can also create magical illusions to disorientate predators.
Trogloranea (troglodyte + araneae) #071 Poison Rock Cave spider A large cave spider Pokémon. Rarely seen and highly territorial, it is agile for its size and has large claws on its feet, and potent venom to incapacitate prey before cocooning them with its web. Feeding mainly on Wetacket, Gechove and Zubat, It spins tripwire web strands throughout expansive cavern networks to detect the location of prey. It is exclusive to Pokémon Masque Version.
Giggoblin (giggle + goblin) #072 Grass Psychic Goblin Psygre A small goblin Pokémon. Native to the rainforests of the northern island, the toadstool cap on its head provides a mental connection to the fungus networks in its environment, allowing it to navigate and sense activity in any part of the forest, It also likes to play pranks and giggles when it is successful.
Psygre (psych out + ogre) #073 Grass Psychic Ogre Trollichen An ogre Pokémon. The toadstool cap on its head has grown wider and provides shade for its face, it uses its innate connection to the forest to set up more elaborate pranks, cackling at its victims. On its belt it carries the explosive pinecones that Coniferno drop on the forest floor.
Trollichen (troll + lichen) #074 Grass Dark Troll (Final stage) A large troll Pokémon. It is often hiding under the large toadstool cap on its back, waiting for prey at the entrance to narrow valleys and bridges. Its innate connection to the forest has coalesced into an aura of terror. It wields a large bone club like Marowak.
Jynx (Aotokeloan) #075 Grass Psychic Grass skirt This rare Pokémon is only found in the lush rain forests of the north island, it wears coconuts and a grass skirt.
Telsonyx (telson + Nyx) #076 Poison Ground Scorpion A large cave-dwelling scorpion Pokémon, it is the same size as Trogloranea and is well armoured. It is exclusive to Pokémon Cloque Version.
Stalland (stallion + land) #077 Normal Ground Stallion A stallion Pokémon. A male-only species like Tauros, it is favoured by farmers and outdoorsmen for its speed, stamina and sure-footing over rough terrain.
Megamaw (mega + maw) #078 Water Steel Great white shark A large great white shark Pokémon. It has metal teeth and metal-tipped fins, and is fierce rivals with Terrorteuthis, equalling each other in agility and aggression. It is exclusive to Pokémon Masque Version.
Terrorteuthis (terror + teuthid) #079 Water Dark Giant squid A giant squid Pokémon. It has a robust hammerhead-shaped mantle and can squirt dark ink to obscure its escape or disorientate prey. Fierce rivals with Megamaw, they match each other for speed and ferocity. Its eight arms are lined with hooks, while its two tentacles are tipped with large claws. It is exclusive to Pokémon Cloque Version.
Laviathon (lava + leviathan) #080 Fire Dragon Magma serpent A huge magma serpent Pokémon. It lives inside of magma chambers deep beneath the surface, it has occasionally been sighted rearing its head out of active volcanoes, and even in the lava flows leading into the surrounding area.
Slimoeba (slime + amoeba) #081 Poison Water Slime Thermoeba A toxic slime Pokémon. Toxic and highly agile, this species is very difficult to capture, it lives in the marshes by active volcanoes.
Thermoeba (thermal + amoeba) #082 Poison Fire Flammable slime Magmoeba A flaming slime Pokémon. Slimoeba evolved into Thermoeba by ingesting the flammable chemicals of Coninferno's pinecones. Its agile slimy body produces toxic flammable compounds which it coats itself with. it lives nearby active volcanoes, and can mix hypergolic chemicals on its skin to set itself ablaze at will.
Magmoeba (magma + amoeba) #083 Ground Fire Lava slime (Final stage) A large lava slime Pokémon. It is made of molten earth mixed with whatever it absorbs, and can grow to enormous sizes while retaining its agility. it lives in the lava flows at the base of volcanoes where it competes with Aotokeloan Muk for the hottest lava.
Pugleon (pugnacious + ugly + -eon) #084 Fighting Rabbit-dog (Final stage) The Fighting-type evolution of Eevee.
Petreon (petra + -eon) #085 Rock Rabbit-dog (Final stage) The Rock-type evolution of Eevee.
Aereon (aerial + -eon) #086 Flying Rabbit-dog (Final stage) The Flying-type evolution of Eevee.
Totemech (totem + mech) #087 Rock Steel Totem A mysterious totem Pokémon, it was crafted from ore-bearing stone by a primitive tribe, and enchanted to life by magic.
Arbortoise (arboreal + tortoise) #088 Rock Grass Tortoise Mascheloneon A small arboreal fossil Pokémon. An agile tree-climber, it has dextrous claws on its four feet and a spiky prehensile for climbing trees and evading larger ground-dwelling predators. its shell can change its colour and pattern to blend in with the tree it is hiding on, or display a terrifying face to scare off competitors. Its fossil is exclusive to Pokémon Masque Version.
Mascheloneon (mask + chelonid + chameleon) #089 Rock Ground Meiolaniid turtle (Final stage) A large tortoise-like fossil Pokémon. Once an adept tree-climber prior to evolution, its deft claws and prehensile tail developed into sturdy feet and a broad armoured tail, which left it as a purely ground-dwelling species. It spent most of its time basking in the sun atop rocks by the water's edge, absorbing sunlight with Its large shell which converts photons using photosynthesis. Like its previous evolution, it is also able to use its shell to display various colours and patterns to hide by blending in with its rock, or to disguise itself with a frightening visage to scare off foes. Its spiky armoured tail has a powerful club at its end used to combat large predators. It went extinct when it became overreliant on its camouflage, and grew too large and slow to find new feeding grounds.
Suchoraptor (sucho- + raptor) #090 Rock Grass Protosuchian Thalassuchus A small crocodile-like fossil Pokémon. It has long hind limbs which allowed it to run fast through the dense jungle to catch agile prey, though it would often also chase after fish in the shallows. Its fossil is exclusive to Pokémon Cloque Version.
Thalassuchus (thalassa + -suchus) #091 Rock Water Mosasaur (Final stage) A large mosasaur-like fossil Pokémon. When it evolved, its limbs shortened and its feet developed into large paddles, while its tail grew fins, which allowed it to powerfully propel itself through the water. It was the apex predator of its coastal and estuarine habitat. Its crocodile-like skin and colouration, helped it to blend in with the brackish water and dense foliage of jungle riverbanks, and ambush prey drinking at the shore. It went extinct when it was outcompeted by more verstaile crocodilian Pokémon that could hunt on both land and in the water.
Gaiawha (Gaia + taniwha) #092 Water Fairy Nature taniwha The mythical sea serpent Pokémon of nature, it creates coves and other natural features while increasing the land's fertility, beautifying coastal and estuarine environments. It is a part of the region's lesser legendary trio.
Deimowha (Deimos + taniwha) #093 Water Dark Vengeful taniwha The mythical sea serpent Pokémon of vengeance, seeing it said to be a bad omen, it will also seek out and punish evil-doers who venture too close to its coastal or inland estuarine dwellings. It is a part of the region's lesser legendary trio.
Soteriwha (Soteria + taniwha) #094 Water Psychic Guardian taniwha The mythical sea serpent Pokémon of sacred places, with powerful mystical abilities, it is the guardian of sacred places where the sea meets the land, and can call forth dense fog to obscure an area. It is a part of the region's lesser legendary trio.
Tuatrekker (tuatara + trekker) #095 Ground Rock Tuatara Tuatatantrum A rare adventurous tuatara-like Pokémon. Fond of scaling the jagged cliffs in the north of the southern island, its rugged body is covered in tough scutes, which also allow it to blend in with its rocky habitat.
Tuatantrum (tuatara + tantrum) #096 Ground Fire Wyrm Tuatyrant A reclusive cave-dwelling tuatara-like Pokémon. One too many falls while climbing have turned this Pokémon into an aggressive monster. It no longer ventures far as it has become extremely territorial, it will rabidly breathe flame at any who near its cave.
Tuatyrant (tuatara + tyrant) #097 Ground Dragon Wyrm (Final stage) A large wingless dragon-like Pokémon. An individual rules over a vast subterranean domain, few have ever seen one, and it is rumoured to battle with monstrous creatures in magma chambers deep beneath the Earth.
Chimantleon (chimera + antlion + chameleon) #098 Ground Fairy Chimera A large hibernatory chimera Pokémon with the head of a lion, the body of a camel, the wings of an eagle with its talons as forelegs, and the scales, tail and hind legs of a chameleon, it remains motionless at the base of large sand dunes where junctions form between them, or in the ravines created by desolate alpine terrain. Sustained for long periods of time by the two camel-like humps on its back, it adopts a sprawling posture and uses its chameleonic scales and variety of unusual body features, to disguise itself as a small oasis, before emitting a magical paralysing roar at any who venture near enough to disturb its slumber. It is exclusive to Pokémon Masque Version and is the version mascot legendary Pokémon, a part of the region's legendary trio.
Panflorama (pan- + flora + panorama) #099 Grass Dark Venus flytrap and pitcher plant A large predatory plant with a highly flexible structure, and several large flytrap leaves, acidic pitfall traps, poison-tipped thorny branches, prehensile vines and spore-emitting flowers. Able to change its colour at will, it can also alter the shape of and rearrange its various parts, in order to blend in with and set a trap in almost any environment. It is exclusive to Pokémon Cloque Version and is the version mascot legendary Pokémon, a part of the region's legendary trio.
Camantisguise (camouflage + mantis + disguise) #100 Bug Psychic Mantis A mystical mantis Pokémon, Camantisguise is capable of altering it's posture, limb arrangement and colour, in order to either disguise itself as a humanoid or some other creature, or to blend in with nearly any kind of terrain. It has a powerful hypnotic ability which assists it with disguising or hiding itself. It is the region's trio master legendary Pokémon.
Mimikapo (mimic + kakapo) #101 Grass Flying Kakapo An extremely rare mythical Pokémon. Though small and flightless, Mimikapo is to be able to perfectly mimic any kind of noise at any volume, scaring away poential predators with the cry of a much larger and more frightening Pokémon. It can instantly revitalise the spirit of an area by emitting a magical symphony of nature sounds.

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