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| align="left" | [[Floyd Norman]]
| align="left" | [[Floyd Norman]]
| align="right" | [[Jun Falkenstein]]
| align="right" | [[Everett Downing Jr.|Everett Downing]]
| align="left" | [[Kris Pearn]]
| align="left" | [[Kris Pearn]]
| align="right" | [[David Feiss]]
| align="right" | [[Jun Falkenstein]]
| align="left" | [[Anthony Stacchi]]
| align="left" | [[Anthony Stacchi]]
| align="right" |
| align="right" | [[David Feiss]]
| align="left" | [[Ennio Torresan]]
| align="left" | [[Ennio Torresan]]

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Credits for the 2001 Gingo film Going Francisco.

Opening Credits

Universal Pictures logo 1997.png
Imagine 01.jpg

Universal Pictures
Gingo Movies
Imagine Entertainment

Brian Grazer


Spencer Klein

Ashley Peldon

Missi Pyle

George Clooney

Willem Dafoe

Jodi Benson

Stephen Root

William Shatner

Closing credits

First part of the credits

Directed by
Arlo-Avocha Vernon

Produced by
Brian Grazer
Brandon Minez
Joe Medjuck

Co-produced by
Adam S. Miller

Executive Producer
Michael Wildshill

Associate Producer
Joe Hale

Original Story by
Arlo-Avocha Vernon

Screenplay by
Tim Hill
J. David Stem
David N. Weiss
Karey Kirkpatrick

Music by
John Debney
Heitor Pereira

Score Producer
Hans Zimmer

Heads of Story
Gary Hall
Amy McNeill

Editing by
Lynn Hobson

Production Designers
Yarrow Cheney
Cynthia Marion

Art Director
John France

Character Designers
Carter Goodrich
Shane Prigmore
Shannon Tindle
Peter de Sève

Animation Director
Dave Madson

Supervising Animators
Bob Cokinn
Jack Reed
Todd Wilderman

Shading Supervisor
Karen Stimson

Supervising Layout Artist
Matt Tong

Production Manager
Roy Kobayashi

Sound Designer
Randy Thom

Second part of the credits

Casting by
Susan Blu


Dan Crosby Spencer Klein
Sara Crosby Ashley Peldon
Rhea Crosby Missi Pyle
Anson Crosby George Clooney
The Champ / Mr. Suit Willem Dafoe
Carly McWheels Jodi Benson
Rob Belvin Stephen Root
Roger William Shatner
Thomas Clint Howard
Betty Amy McNeill
Jerry Justin Shenkarow
Lin George Wu
Judy Cynthia Marion‎‎
Nina Lauren Tom
Liko Amy McNeill
Nick T. J. Thyne
Police Officer #1 Arlo-Avocha Vernon
Police Officer #2 Gary Hall
Police Officer #3 Paul Eiding
Biker #1 Paul Eiding
Biker #2 Jeff Bennett
Biker #3 Corey Burton
Pawn Shop Owner Jeff Bennett
Joe Jess Harnell
Foreman Harland Williams
Driver Kath Soucie
Ronnie Tom Kenny
Additional Voices
Carlos Alazraqui Danny Mann
Jack Angel Jason Marsden
Bob Bergen Mickie McGowan
Susan Blu Laraine Newman
Rodger Bumpass Pat Pinney
Jennifer Darling Phil Proctor
Debi Derryberry Jan Rabson
Ashley Edner Daryl Sabara
Bobby Edner Evan Sabara
Bill Farmer Mindy Sterling
Lynn Hobson Arlo-Avocha Vernon
Roger L. Jackson Michael Wildshill

Additional Story Material by
Audel LaRoque


Storyboard Artists
Kurt R. Anderson Audel LaRoque
Mike Cachuela Larry Leker
Louie del Carmen Phil Mendez
Henri Dosclz Samuel Merritt
John France Darrell Rooney
Gary Graham Steve Samono
Denise Koyama Frans Vischer
George Wu
Additional Storyboard Artists
Jim Anderson Martin Fuller
Sean Bishop Cynthia Marion
Ash Brannon Floyd Norman
Everett Downing Kris Pearn
Jun Falkenstein Anthony Stacchi
David Feiss Ennio Torresan


Associate Editors
Thomas Derviom
Dan Molina
John Venzon

First Assistant Editor
Pamela Ziegenhagen-Shefland

Second Assistant Editors
Joyce Arrastia
Tom F. Warner

Additional Editors
Rob Carpenter
Ed Fuller
Steven Liu
Ken Solomon
Stan Webb

More to be added