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[[Amanda Dague]]<br />
[[Amanda Dague]]<br />
[[Terry Dankowych]]<br />
[[Terry Dankowych]]<br />
[[Brent Dienst]]<br />
[[Ryan Gong]]<br />
[[Ryan Gong]]<br />
[[Scott Heatherly]]<br />
[[Scott Heatherly]]<br />

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Here are the credits of the 2015 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer animated film Upside Mystery 3.

Opening credits

20th Century Fox logo from Upside Mystery 3 (2015).jpg
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo from Upside Mystery 3 (2015).jpg

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures

in association with
Pin High Productions


Closing credits

First part of the credits

Directed by
Brenda Chapman

Screenplay by
Josh Klausner
Steve Bencich
Ron J. Friedman

Based on characters created by
Michael J. Wilson

Produced by
Roger Birnbaum
Vicky Jenson

Executive producers
Gary Barber
David Lipman

Edited by
Shannon Stein

Music by
Lorne Balfe

Head of Story
Darrell Rooney

Head of Layout
Imran Awan

Art Director
Andrew Woodhouse

Production Designer
Paul Lasaine

Sound Designer
Tom Myers

John Travolta

Christian Slater

Michelle Rodriguez

Christina Ricci

Nicolas Cage

Brad Pitt

Judi Dench

Second part of the credits


Hans Truman John Travolta
Jason Truder Christian Slater
Stella Lee Michelle Rodriguez
Kelly France Christina Ricci
Francis Fellon Nicolas Cage
Lowfon President Brad Pitt
Rose Elizabeth Judi Dench
Tracy Rob Paulsen
Lowfon Helicopter Reporter Brenda Chapman
Lowfon Diamond Store Worker Roger Birnbaum
Lowfon Security Agent Vicky Jenson

Additional Voices


Story Artists

Additional Story Artists


Character Designer Peter De Sève
Matte Painters Pier Lefebvre
James Maxwell

More to be added


Associate Editor William J. Caparella
First Assistant Editor Matt Ahrens
Second Assistant Editor Jeremy Montgomery
Additional Editors Robert Anich
Julie Rogers


Layout Lead
Paul Kohut

Layout Artists
Bruno Amezcua
James Austin
Brian Foster
Eric Murray
Jean Pilotte


Department Head
David Baas

Supervising Animator
Adam Beck


Special Thanks

Andrew Adamson
Kelly Asbury
Jill Culton
Mike Disa
Peggy Holmes
Clay Kaytis
Pamela Ribon
Aron Warner

More to be added