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DISCLAIMER: This is a fanon wiki, meaning that almost all of its contents are fake and fan-made and created purely from the imaginations of its users, so please don't get tricked into thinking these articles are real.

Welcome to Ficreation!

Hey, guys, this is Gabriel Garcia/Geoshea2000 again with yet another wiki. This one is dedicated to documenting many fanon projects. Originally, I named this wiki Universal Fanon Wiki, now we decided to merge many fanon wikis, (especially for some forgotten ones), well have fun here.

--Gabriel Garcia/Geoshea2000

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  1. No vandalism, spamming, or personal attacks allowed.
  2. No unnecessary censorship. Everyone has a right to free speech.
  3. Try to work on the plots on your fanmade ideas as soon as possible.
  4. Do not make any real material articles unless it's okay that fanmade stuff are in them. Also, if you want to keep the real companies for fanmade stuff, that's fine.
  5. Do not make real material pages as "fillers". For example, a real movie page that was blank without any details added.
  6. Do not add any (false) information on any of the fanon pages without the creators' permission.
  7. If you find any material by any other plagiarists which copied what we have on this wiki, please report it to us on our message boards or in the comments.
  8. Do not excessively attack, harass or impersonate any users in this wiki.
  9. You must respect the privacy of everyone here. Any malicious doxxing/revelation of personal info is grounds for a ban.
  10. Do not initiate or condone drama in any threads, pages, and/or the wiki itself. This will result in an instant ban.
  11. Absolutely no forcing people to do stuff they don't want to do. Everyone has rights you know.
  12. No joking about serious issues or tragedies, such as pandemics like COVID-19, accidents of any type, or terrorism.
  13. Absolutely no discrimination (anything racist, sexist, homophobic/transphobic, fat-shaming, and so on).
  14. Since we now have requirements for being an admin on this wiki, you must:
    1. Have an edit count of over 300. 
    2. Be active on the wiki. (Inactivity of over a month may result in demotion.)
    3. Have good reputation towards the community. 
  15. No foe requests. We don't want to have so many drama on this wiki.
  16. Please refrain from making pages that only say "Coming soon!". If you do happen to make such a page, you're given a week long period to add something to it. If that doesn't happen, your page will be marked for deletion.
  17. If you break the rules or behave inappropriately, then we will block you. If you do something very, VERY bad (i.e. vandalize too many pages), you may get a block for up to 20 years. In other words, you'll be blocked permanently.
  18. Have fun! :)

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Featured Article of April 2021
Gabriel Garza logo.png

Gabriel Garza is an American animated television series created by Geo G. The series centers on the title character and his brothers Roge, Leno, and Cole, living in the town of Sinking Spring. They try to live in a normal everyday life to occasionally prevent attacks from a wicked mastermind named Vio and his henchmen, so the Garza brothers, along with their other friends, must team up to stop Vio's plans.

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