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DISCLAIMER: This is a fanon wiki, meaning that almost all of its contents are fake and fan-made and created purely from the imaginations of its users, so please don't get tricked into thinking these articles are real.

Welcome to Ficreation!

Hey, guys, this is Gabriel Garcia/Geoshea2000 again with yet another wiki. This one is dedicated to documenting many fanon projects. Originally, I named this wiki Universal Fanon Wiki, now we decided to merge many fanon wikis, (especially for some forgotten ones), well have fun here.

--Gabriel Garcia/Geoshea2000

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  3. Try to work on the plots on your fanmade ideas as soon as possible.
  4. Do not make any real material articles unless it's okay that fanmade stuff are in them. Also, if you want to keep the real companies for fanmade stuff, that's fine.
  5. Do not make real material pages as "fillers". For example, a real movie page that was blank without any details added.
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  18. Have fun! :)

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Featured Article of May 2021
Ama and the Mysterious Crystal (1997) Poster.jpg

Ama and the Mysterious Crystal is a 1997 American animated fantasy adventure film produced by Universal Feature Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures. The first feature film from the studio, it was co-written and directed by Michael Wildshill and co-written by Len Blum, Jonathan Roberts and John August, and stars the voices of Christina Ricci, Jason Biggs, Jodi Benson, Martin Short, Patrick Stewart, and Jennifer Aniston. The film follows a young girl named Ama, who discovers a powerful magic crystal that came from the ancient city of Crystopia, where she learns that the ruthless sorcerer Lordous plans to place a spell that captures crystals from the city. Ama, along with her friend Edwin and her sister Shelly, embark on a journey to save the city and defeat Lordous.

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