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Universal Television Animation is an American animation studio that creates, develops and produces animated television series, films, specials and other projects. It is a division of Universal Television, ultimately owned by Comcast through NBCUniversal. The entity is also a sister studio of Universal Animation Studios.

History[edit | edit source]

MCA has created its television animation division entitled Universal Television Animation in 1989 by Jeff Segal to produce animated shows as well as TV specials and TV movies. Prior to that, they partnered with Fred Calvert Productions in the 1970s on Emergency! 4+ and The Mini Munsters and in 1987 with TMS Entertainment on Bionic Six and even with Hyperion/Kushner-Locke on the short "Family Dog" for Amazing Stories.

In 1991, the studio was integrated into Universal Cartoon Studios, which is a part of MCA Family Entertainment. Initially focusing on Saturday morning cartoons such as Back to the Future: The Animated Series, it expanded in 1992 with its first cable show Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories. A year later, they made its first foray onto prime time TV with Family Dog and in syndication with Exosquad. In 1996 after Multimedia, Inc. was sold to MCA, the television animation unit Gingo Animation was merged into its television animation unit, keeping Gingo as a separate entity while its CEO Michael Wildshill oversaw both UTA and Gingo as well as animation units for the entire Universal group. It was expanded to produce shows for Gingo, and in 2002, for NightHouse, and it took over production of Gingo shows.

In 1999, after acquiring PolyGram, UTA took over co-production facilities of Maisy, and shared with King Rollo Films. As a result, many employees of PolyGram Visual Programming moved over to its television animation division and launched its London office. Two years later, they branched out into CGI by partnering with Creative Capers Entertainment on the first CGI cartoon Sitting Ducks. CCE and Universal parted ways after a dispute, and it was followed by the next CGI cartoon Spyro: Dragon Realm Adventures.

In 2004, NBC was merged with Universal to form NBC Universal. Two years later, they started doing work for PBS with Curious George. They expanded its focus to produce more CGI cartoons, starting with Computeropolis: Adventures of Peri & Nicky. In 2011, NBCUniversal was sold to Comcast, which gained full interest in 2013. In 2013, for the first time in 20 years, Universal tried to attempt prime time again with College University. It flopped after one season on NBC, but it gained cult following and a revival.

In 2016, after DreamWorks Animation was sold to NBCUniversal, its television animation operations were combined, with DreamWorks remaining as a separate entity. Both DreamWorks and Universal collaborated with Netflix on Fast & Furious: Spy Racers and Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, respectively.

In 2020, UTA collaborated with 20th Television Animation on the Fox series Duncanville.

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Television series[edit | edit source]

# Title Creator(s) / Developer(s) Year(s) Network Co-production with Notes
1 The Toon Hour Michael Wildshill 1988–present Gingo Season 8 and onward only, seasons 1 through 7 were produced under Multimedia Animation.
2 Gabriel Garza Geo G. 1991–present Gingo Glass Ball Productions Season 6 and onward only, first 5 seasons were produced under Multimedia Animation
3 Back to the Future: The Animated Series Robert Zemeckis
Bob Gale
1991–1992 CBS Amblin Television
Zaloom/Mayfield Productions
BIG Pictures
Sequel to the Back to the Future trilogy.
4 Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories Shelley Duvall 1992–1994 Showtime
5 Fievel's American Tails David Kirschner 1992 CBS Amblin Television
Sequel to An American Tail: Fievel Goes West.
6 Family Dog Brad Bird 1993 Amblin Television
Tim Burton Productions
Warner Bros. Television
Originated from a 1987 episode of Amazing Stories before it was spun off into its own show.
7 Exosquad Jeff Segal 1993–1994 Syndication
8 Problem Child Scott Alexander
Larry Karaszewski
USA Network Imagine Entertainment
D'Ocon Films Productions (Season 1)
Lacewood Productions (Season 2)
Sequel to Problem Child and Problem Child 2.
9 Ray Eilo Mala Miles 1993–2000 Gingo Bear Bones Productions Season 3 and 6 only
10 BJ and Wally Geo G. 1994–1997 Glass Ball Productions Season 4 only
11 Onion Mastori Jay Mastori 1994–2013 USA Network (1994–2004)
Gingo (2005–2013)
Onion Animation
12 Monster Force Marv Wolfman 1994 Syndication Lacewood Productions
13 Beethoven CBS Northern Lights Entertainment Animated spin-off of Beethoven.
14 Metro Cone Samuel Merritt 1994–1999 Gingo Seasons 3 and 5 only
15 Earthworm Jim Doug TenNapel
Doug Langdale
1995–1996 Kids' WB Shiny Entertainment
16 The Savage Dragon USA Network Lacewood Productions (Season 1)
Studio B Productions (Season 2)
P3 Entertainment
USA Studios
17 The Whackems Lilli Schreiber 1995–2008 Gingo MagicolaLilli, Inc.
18 The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper Sherri Stoner
Deanna Oliver
1996–1998 Fox Kids Amblin Television Sequel to Casper.
19 Hatty Steve Samono 1996–present Gingo
20 Wing Commander Academy 1996 USA Network
21 Vor-Tech: Undercover Conversion Squad Syndication
22 Funky Fu! Pop Star Fighter Arlo-Avocha Vernon 1997–2004 Gingo Arlo-Avocha Vernon Productions
23 Little Critter Mercer Mayer 1997–2005 Gingo Junior Nelvana
Children's Television Workshop (1997–2000)
Sesame Workshop (2000–2005)
Shown on-screen as Universal Television (1997–2004) and later NBCUniversal Television Studio (2004–2005).
24 Ghost Vision Audel LaRoque 1997–1999 USA Network DIC Entertainment Sequel to Ghost Vision. Shown on-screen as Universal Television.
25 The Home Sweet Home of Bluis & Bubblina Wilton Lawrence 1997–2000 Gingo
26 Manticoon Mayhem 1998–2001 USA Network
27 I Am Sammi Molly McCain 1998–2010; 2011–present Gingo Hanna-Barbera (seasons 1-2)
McCain-Donahue Productions
Klasky Csupo (Last two episodes of season 2 until season 4)
Film Roman (seasons 5-present)
TMS Entertainment
The spin-off Sammi & Co. is seen as Seasons 13-23 of I Am Sammi on streaming services and DirecTV airings.
28 Maisy Lucy Cousins 1999–2000 Nickelodeon
Gingo Junior
King Rollo Films
PolyGram Visual Programming
Universal Pictures Visual Programming
29 The New Woody Woodpecker Show Bob Jaques 1999–2002 Fox Kids
30 Puyo Puyo Joesph von Calbury 1999–2000 Gingo Compile
TMS Entertainment
31 Little Men Jay Mastori 1999–2004 NightHouse Onion Animation First adult animated series Universal Television Animation worked on
32 Toad Patrol George Sarson
Perry Sarson
1999–2002 Teletoon Toadbag Productions
Edward Sarson Productions
Vision Entertainment
Funbag Animation Studios
Helix Animation
Season 1 only
33 Zina Supermoon Geo G.
Steve Oedekerk
Sarah Silverman
2000–2009 Gingo Glass Ball Productions
O Entertainment
34 The Crystal Guardians Frederick Donahue 2000–2010 McCain-Donahue Productions
35 Ama Michael Wildshill 2000–2002 Gingo
USA Network
Sequel to Ama and the Mysterious Crystal.
36 The World of Danny 2000–2007 Gingo
37 Dogman Michael Wildshill 2000–2004 NightHouse
38 Paint World Audel LaRoque 2001–2003 USA Network Sequel to Paint World.
39 Cookie & Cream Peter Hastings 2001–2005 Gingo FromSoftware
40 Sitting Ducks Michael Bedrard 2001–2003 The Krislin Company
Creative Capers Entertainment
Krislin/Elliot Digital
Sitting Ducks Productions
First CGI-animated series from Universal Television Animation
41 Jenny Zoom Samuel Merritt 2001–2004
42 The Mummy: The Animated Series Stephen Sommers
Thomas Pugsley
Greg Klein
2001–2003 Kids' WB
USA Network
Studios USA Television (Season 1)
The Sommers Company
Rough Draft Studios
Sunwoo Entertainment
Animated spin-off of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.
43 Boardwalk Friends 2001–2010 Gingo
44 Spyro: Dragon Realm Adventures 2002–2004 USA Network Universal Digital Images
45 Dustin Dog Kid 2002–2012 Gingo
46 The Supernova Spies Dave Madson 2002–2005
47 Kururin: The Mischief Flying Hero 2002–2008
48 Adam Feldman: Amateur Wizard Conner Jones 2002–2010 Spirit Animal Studios
49 Planetokio Bret Haaland
Mike Moon
2002–2003 OutSide Directors Company
Asmik Ace Entertainment
Universal Digital Images
TMS Entertainment
50 Foe Paws Chris Savino 2003–2007
51 Nature Squad Thalia Ward 2003–2008 Thalia Ward Productions
52 Hulk: The Animated Series Peter Josephson 2003–2005 Glass Ball Productions
Marvel Entertainment
Sequel to Hulk.
53 Pochacco's Famous Friends 2003–2008
54 Critter Mockers Michael Wildshill 2003–2009
55 The Pandemoniums Henri Dosclz 2004–2011
56 Limo Dude Arlo-Avocha Vernon 2004–2006 Arlo-Avocha Vernon Productions
57 Ace of All Trades Joesph von Calbury 2005–present TMS Entertainment (Seasons 1 and 2)
Universal Animation Japan K.K. Ltd. (Seasons 3 and onward)
58 Zigger and Grund NightHouse Augenblick Studios
59 Chrysocolla & Sam Bob Schooley
Mark McCorkle
2005–2008 Gingo
60 New Gingo Shorts Michael Wildshill 2005–2016
61 Sherman's Lagoon Jim Toomey 2005–2006 NightHouse King Features Syndicate
62 Red Ninja: End of Honor Seth Green
Kenichirō Takaki
Stoopid Monkey
63 Attack of the Killer Snails 2005–2009 Titmouse, Inc.
64 Worldwide Animals Dave Madson 2005–2008 Gingo Nelvana
65 RoboJohn Brendon Smell 2005–2009 NightHouse Funimation
66 Curious George Joe Fallon 2006–present PBS Kids (2006–2015)
Peacock (2020–present)
Imagine Entertainment (Seasons 1–9)
WGBH Boston (Seasons 1–12)
Universal 1440 Entertainment (Season 10–present)
Sequel to Curious George.
67 Graffiti Groove Paul Germain
Joe Ansolabehere
2006–2009 Gingo Paul & Joe Productions
68 Destiny of the Super Glasses Peter Hannan Peter Hannan Productions
69 The Big Night Out! Spike Lee NightHouse 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks
70 The Land Before Time Charles Grosvenor
Judy Freudberg
Tony Geiss
Ford Riley
2007–2008 Cartoon Network Amblin Television Sequel to The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends.
71 Sev Adam Harven
Tyler Dunn
2007–present Syfy Harven-Dunn Avenue
72 Mr. Johnsons' Neighborhood Seth Rogen 2008–2018 NightHouse Augenblick Studios (2008–2009)
Point Grey Pictures (2011-2018)
Titmouse, Inc. (2010-2018)
73 Computeropolis: Adventures of Peri and Nicky Amy McNeill
Henri Dosclz
2008–2014 Gingo Sequel to Computeropolis and Computeropolis 2.
74 FusionMania Geo G. 2008–2015 Glass Ball Productions
75 Henry, Bea & Sparky the Dog Michael Wildshill 2009–2014
76 Demons Pharrell Williams 2009 ABC Augenblick Studios
77 Post-Elementary Chronicles Doug TenNapel 2010–2011 Gingo
78 Kyle + Rosemary Jun Falkenstein 2010–2012 Frederator Studios Spin-off of "Kyle + Rosemary", a short that was aired as part of Nicktoons' Random! Cartoons
79 Primate House Samuel Merritt 2010–2013
80 Worried Fred Henri Dosclz
81 Chip in Space Disney XD First Universal Television Animation series to be aired on Disney XD
82 Road Trip Madness Dave Madson
Cynthia True
2011–2014 Gingo
83 Bally and Friends Jim Anderson
Michael Wildshill
84 Woo La La Nick Filippi 2011–2013 Gingo Sequel to Woo La La.
85 Sunshine Cherry Sarah Crawford 2012–2018
86 My Dear King Kenneth Ant Blades 2012–2014 Blue-Zoo Animation
87 Jim-George Dominick Castro
Alfred Adams
Laura Craft
88 David's Friends 2012–present Gingo Junior
89 The Really Odd Adventures of the Critter Gang Joesph von Calbury 2013–present Gingo Spin-off of Ace of All Trades.
90 College University Terry Ward 2013–2014 NBC Glass Ball Productions
Rough Draft Studios
91 The 5 J's in Partnership William Reiss 2014–2015 Gingo
92 Elliot's Guide to Becoming a True Mouse Arlo-Avocha Vernon 2014–2019 Arlo-Avocha Vernon Productions
93 Durango Kids John France 2014–2016 NBC
94 Buzz & Russ 2014–2015
95 Topped!
96 Champ Junior Sue Mondt 2015
97 Luna & Zak: The Series Shannon Tindle
Sue Mondt
2016–2020 Gingo Sequel to Luna & Zak.
98 Twelve Forever Julia Vickerman 2016–2019 Puny Entertainment
The Cartel
99 Discovering Evolupia Michael Wildshill 2017 Mini-series
100 Tales in Paradoria Tom Ruzicka
Shane Prigmore
Craig Kellman
2017–2020 Universal Kids Sequel to Paradoria.
101 Candy 2017–present Gingo Toei Animation
DHX Media
102 Nepola's Odyssey: The Series Tony Craig 2017–2020 Universal Kids Sequel to Nepola's Odyssey and Nepola's Odyssey II.
103 Hero School Chrissy Frechette
Anderson Konishi
104 Bernard Revamped Jose Luis Ucha Enriquez
Claudio Biern Lliviria
2018–present BRB Internacional
RG Animation Studios
Reboot of the original 2002 animated series.
105 Lix & Melody: The New Tunes Tom Ruzicka Sequel to Lix.
106 Niz Chicoloco Geo G. Gingo Glass Ball Productions
DreamWorks Animation Television
Reboot of the original 1998 animated series.
107 Woody Woodpecker Alex Zamm 2018–2020 YouTube Universal 1440 Entertainment
Splash Entertainment
108 Antonio and Mr. Wacky Fox Everett Peck 2019–present Gingo
109 Zola: Queen of the Deep Web Tom Ruzicka Universal Kids Spin-off of Computeropolis: The Deep Web.
1110 Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Gary Scott Thompson Netflix Original Film
One Race Films
DreamWorks Animation Television
Animated spin-off of Fast & Furious.
111 Roman Mike Disa 2020–present Universal Kids
112 Duncanville Mike Scully
Julie Thacker Scully
Amy Poehler
Fox Bento Box Entertainment
Paper Kite Productions
Scullys Productions
3 Arts Entertainment
Fox Entertainment
20th Television Animation
113 Super Polly Henri Dosclz Gingo
114 Cherrypillar WildBrain
United Arthropods Inc.
Splash Entertainment
115 Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Zack Stentz Netflix Amblin Television
DreamWorks Animation Television
Animated spin-off of Jurassic World.
116 Cubi! Samuel Merritt Peacock Originally planned to air on Gingo
117 The Whackems Return Lilli Schreiber MagicolaLilli, Inc. Revival of The Whackems.
118 Big Chaos Arlo-Avocha Vernon 2021 Gingo Arlo-Avocha Vernon Productions
119 Computeropolis: Operation DCL Peacock Spin-off of Computeropolis.
120 Mulligan Sam Means
Robert Carlock
TBA Netflix 3 Arts Entertainment
Little Stranger
Bevel Gears
Bento Box Entertainment
121 Paradoria: Keena's Kingdom Peacock Sequel to Paradoria 2.
122 Imagimals Madness Sequel to Imagimals 2.
123 Q-Force Gabe Liedmam
Mike Schur
Netflix 3 Arts Entertainment
Hazy Mills Productions
124 The Adventure Zone Griffin McElroy
Justin McElroy
Travis McElroy
Clint McElroy
125 Indivisible Jonathan Fernandez
Meg LeFauve
DJ2 Entertainment
Legendary Television
126 Untitled Gabriel Garza spin-off series Geo G. Gingo Glass Ball Productions Spin-off of Gabriel Garza.

Specials[edit | edit source]

# Title Release date Network Co-production with Notes
1 Opus 'n' Bill: A Wish for Wings That Work December 18, 1991 CBS Amblin Television
2 The Whackems' Christmas December 14, 1996 Gingo MagicolaLilli, Inc.
3 Hatty: The Untold Story September 25, 1998
4 The Home Sweet Home of Bluis & Bubblina: Christmas Time December 19, 1998
5 Funky Fu! Pop Star Fighter: A Very Funky Fu Christmas December 18, 1999 Arlo-Avocha Vernon Productions
6 Funky Fu! Pop Star Fighter: A Ghost in the Dojo! October 21, 2000 Gingo Arlo-Avocha Vernon Productions
7 Zina's Spooked Future October 27, 2001 Glass Ball Productions
O Entertainment
8 Hatty's Weasel-tastic Christmas! November 17, 2001
9 Zina Supermoon: The Christmas Special December 8, 2001 Glass Ball Productions
O Entertainment
10 Cookie & Cream in the Christmas Caper November 16, 2002 FromSoftware
11 The Jenny Zoom Christmas Hour December 21, 2002
12 Planetokio: The Madness Isn't Over May 17, 2003 OutSide Directors Company
Asmik Ace Entertainment
Universal Digital Images
TMS Entertainment
Series finale of Planetokio.
13 Hatty in the Night of the Living Weasel October 25, 2003
14 Zina/Garza‎ November 15, 2003 Glass Ball Productions
O Entertainment
Crossover featuring Gabriel Garza and Zina Supermoon.
15 Critter Mockers Save Christmas December 6, 2003
16 Jenny Zoom: A Conclusion of Confusion April 3, 2004 Series finale of Jenny Zoom.
17 Cookie and Cream: Boo, Too Scary for You! October 23, 2004 FromSoftware
18 Critter Mockers: A Fuzzy Valentine's Day February 13, 2005
19 Pandemonium Mockers September 30, 2006 Crossover featuring Critter Mockers and The Pandemoniums.
20 Zina in Christmas Madness December 11, 2008 Glass Ball Productions
O Entertainment
21 Zina Supermoon: Home July 18, 2009 Series finale of Zina Supermoon.
22 The Pandemoniums: Thank You June 21, 2011 Gingo Series finale of The Pandemoniums.
23 Chip in Space: Christmas Madness December 21, 2011 Disney XD
24 Primate House: The Night Before Christmas November 17, 2012 Gingo
25 How Murray Saved Christmas December 5, 2014 NBC Rough Draft Studios

Feature films[edit | edit source]

Television films[edit | edit source]

# Title Release date Network Co-production with Notes
1 The Gabriel Project April 10, 1999 Gingo Glass Ball Productions
2 Critter Mockers: Dude, Where's My Critter? June 15, 2004 Gingo
3 The Pandemoniums: Battle Against Time May 27, 2006
4 A Critter Mockers Summer Vacation June 15, 2007
5 Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas November 25, 2009 PBS Kids Imagine Entertainment
6 Chip in Space: Planet 2 Planet May 23, 2011 Disney XD
7 Nepola's Odyssey: The Trojan Legacy November 25, 2017 Universal Kids

Direct-to-video films[edit | edit source]

# Title Release date Co-production with Notes
1 Adam Feldman's Movie Magic April 29, 2008 Gingo Movies
Spirit Animal Studios
2 Fighting Royale: Colliding Dimensions – The Premiere Movie November 25, 2008 Gingo Movies
Glass Ball Productions
Film version of the cutscenes from the Colliding Dimensions story mode from the game Fighting Royale 2.
3 Dynastar Express September 27, 2016 Gingo Movies
Universal 1440 Entertainment
Universal Animation Japan K.K. Ltd.
Spin-off of Dynastar Express.

Theatrical films[edit | edit source]

All the films are theatrically distributed by Universal Pictures.

# Title Release date Co-production with Animation services Budget Gross RT MC
1 Hatty in the Big City: The Movie July 2, 1999 Gingo Movies Gingo Animation
Wang Film Productions
$48 million $116.2 million 60% 56
2 Going Francisco June 29, 2001 Gingo Movies
Imagine Entertainment
Arlo-Avocha Vernon Productions
Universal Feature Animation
Gingo Animation
Universal Digital Images
Bardel Entertainment
$54 million $218.9 million 57% 51
3 The Gabriel Garza Movie July 31, 2002 Gingo Movies
Glass Ball Productions
Gingo Animation
Wang Film Productions
Saerom Animation
$60 million $89.8 million 38% 44
4 The Whackems: One Big Movie April 18, 2003 Gingo Movies
Universal Television Animation Digital Production
MagicolaLilli, Inc.
Gingo Animation
Saerom Animation
Sunwoo Animation
Sunwoo Digital International
$39 million $101.5 million 49% 42
5 Zina and the Vivid Crew December 17, 2004 Gingo Movies
Glass Ball Productions
O Entertainment
Gingo Animation
Yowza! Animation
Rough Draft Studios
$70 million $293.5 million 80% 62
6 Onion Mastori: The Movie July 1, 2005 Onion Animation Onion Animation
Toei Animation (2D anime sequences)
Film Roman (2D anime sequences)
DKP Studios (CGI anime sequences)
$70 million $203.5 million 79% 71
7 The Pandemoniums Movie June 26, 2009 Gingo Movies Gingo Animation
Rough Draft Studios
$68 million $170.7 million 78% 65
8 The Ace of All Trades Movie: Too Hot For Theaters! April 2, 2010 Gingo Animation
Rough Draft Studios
Universal Animation Japan K.K. Ltd.
$72 million $206.5 million 91% 75
9 FusionMania: The Movie July 27, 2012 Gingo Movies
Glass Ball Productions
Gingo Animation
Rough Draft Studios
$25 million $93.1 million 73% 61
10 Sev: Indehindrance Day August 30, 2019 Harven-Dunn Avenue Rough Draft Studios
Yowza! Animation
Yeson Animation
$40 million $235 million 81% 79

Peacock original movies[edit | edit source]

Title Premiere date Co-production with Notes
Candy and the Amazing Dream April 20, 2021 WildBrain
Toei Animation

Short films[edit | edit source]

# Title Release date Co-production with Notes
1 Magilli's Boombox Party July 12, 1996 MagicolaLilli, Inc. Released in theaters with The Imps of Nature.
2 Cookie and Cream in The Last Slice July 31, 2002 FromSoftware Released in theaters with The Gabriel Garza Movie.
3 The Missing Birthday of Some Kind December 20, 2006 Released in theaters with The Princess and the Pied Piper.
4 Operation Bug July 2, 2008 Glass Ball Productions
O Entertainment
Released in theaters with Swapped.

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