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NOTE: I won't be active tonight at 7 PM EST to around 8:30 PM EST because of a special event.

What if Sony had a local channel? That would be interesting...

What kind of digimon are these?

Hi! I'm Fomanticboy35 an autistic 16-year old boy. I initally started on TheTopTens before going to Scratch, then Miraheze and then FANDOM (But I left the latter due to drama). My favorite shows are Madeline, Babar (Incuding the Badou spinoff) and Steven Universe. My favorite Games are Kirby Super Star ultra, Tamagotchi and (unironically) Battle for Bikini Bottom. My favorite Characters are Mametchi, Madeline, Pepito (he's comedy gold) and basically, any cute Pokemon. While my least favorite shows are Tomorrow's Pioneers (Which is highly offensive), Word Party (not bad per se, but mostly obnoxious) and Dive Olly Dive (I watch it when I'm bored and nothing comes on). I only have one game I really hate. and that's The Tower of Drugia (The game has unfair difficulty) and my least favorite Characters are Hemispheretchi (such a pervert! You'd hate someone if they have a sexual fantasy involving you), Mineta Minoru, and (Formely) Lord Cucuface (I only hate him in the specials, but after Season 1, he became a butt-monkey (a trope that those like Squidward have). My favorite sites are Scratch, Miraheze and AbcYa (for nostalgia reasons). I'm neutral to FANDOM and TheTopTens and I despise Scam sites.


  • 20th Century Fox = Fox
  • Disney = ABC
  • Paramount = CBS
  • Warner Bros. = The CW
  • Universal = NBC
  • Sony = I don't know. Maybe a wiki page on here will do (If Fox wasn't so greedy, then Sony would be MyNetworkTV)

Opinions[edit | edit source]

Media Likes Dislikes Neutral
Books The Bible

Most encyclopedias (yes, I'm a nerd)

Any NSFW book Any other book mentioned
Movies Madeline: Lost in Paris - has it's funny and emotional moments. But the climax is unwatchable.

Steven Universe the Movie - Spiel's behavior makes it a Mother 4!

The Simpsons Movie


SpongeBob Squarepants Movie

Despicable Me - Just like lost in Paris, It has some funny and emotional moments. Though the Minions are guiltily pleasures in this film.

The Emoji Movie


Most Disney Live-action remakes

Madeline's Christmas - BORING!

Madeline (1998) - Pretty bland compared to the specials. But it's better than Madeline's Christmas.

The Cat in The Hat (2003) - So bad it's good.

Characters Pepito - A funny one.

Babar - A pretty likeable animal ruler. Better than Bowser.

SpongeBob SquarePants

King Dedede


Miss Clavell (Post season 2) - Was okay before, now she's a part moral guardian part fun police.

Caillou - A bald brat who puts all 4-year olds in a bad rep.

Bray (Timbuctoo) - Can you stop being an obnoxious jerk FOR 5 MINUTES?

Lulu - I know she's a baby but her bratty attitude and the lack of discipline can get very repetitive. Also puts young babies and Netflix characters in a bad rep.

Lord Cucuface (The specials) AHHH! A MORALIST SUPER VILLAIN!

I don't even know
Games Super Mario 3D Land

Tomodatchi Life


Math Blaster

Super Mario Maker


TF2 (It's funny to watch)


Tamagotchi (Even though this and Pokemon's fandoms are extremely toxic and encourage pedophilia and bestiality respectively)


RPG Maker

Mother (Earthbound Zero)- An instant classic that I really want to play. Lash on me all you want, but I prefer this game over Mother 3.

Any NSFW game - Self-explanatory

The Tower of Drudiga - A waste of quarters. Easily the only Namco arcade game that should be on Crappy Games Wiki.

Metorid - Wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for haw gross it is.

Star Fox Zero - The game that basically destroyed all hope the Wii U had.

Zelda - Pretty overrated and the game play's pretty cliche.

BookWorm - It's okay.

Fortnite - Haven't played it. Looks alright. Used to hate it.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash - If it wouldn't have been rushed for that hot garbage that is Star Fox Zero, then we would've gotten a good game.

Youtube Channels Nathaniel Bandy



Madame Wario - Nostalgia moment.

The Gaming Historian

Samster5677, Tbone Animate and NitroG - The best Vyonders I've seen so far.

HappyMealToy Reviews

The Offical WildBrain Channel

The Packaged Reviewer

AmythestIsCute - Edgy Child abuser.

Peluchin Entertainment


Television SpongeBob Squarepants



Thomas the Tank Engine

The Adventures of Paddington Bear

Babar (and the Adventures of Badou)

The Simpsons

Steven Universe

Messy Goes to OKIDO

You & Me

Inspector Gadget

Science Max: Experiments at large

More, but I'm too lazy to add 'em

Tomorrow's Pioneers - D O N O T L O O K T H I S S H O W U P ! Trust me, you'll regret it.

Larva (The TV show)

Numberblocks - An okay show, but a horrific Fandom.

Modern SpongeBob

Fanboy and Chumchum

Digimon? Digital Monsters? =[edit | edit source]

Fresh and In-training (Baby and child stage)[edit | edit source]

  • Poyomon (Fresh, hatches from the star egg)
  • Tokomon (In-training, Digivolves from Poyomon)

Rookie (Teen)[edit | edit source]

  • Biymon (Tokomon, randomly)
  • Patamon (Tokomon, randomly)

Champions (Adults)[edit | edit source]

  • Birdramon (Biymon, perfect care)
  • Angemon (Patamon, perfect care)
  • Saberdramon (Biymon, Good care)
  • Princess Tamakoko (Patamon, Good care)
  • Cyan Sprixie Princess (Biymon, Average care)
  • Red Sprixie Princess (Patamon, average care)
  • Airdramon (Biymon, Bad care)
  • Miss Clavel (Patamon, Bad care)
  • Royal Guard (Biymon, Poor care)
  • Kabuterimon (Patamon, poor care)
  • Sukamon (Both rookies, severe neglect)

Ultimates (Older adults)[edit | edit source]

  • Gadurumon (Birdramon)
  • MangaAngemon (Angemon)
  • Paildramon (Saberdramon)
  • Princess Tamako (Princess Tamakoko)
  • Zurdomon (Cyan Sprixie Princess)
  • Lilamon (Red Sprixie Princess)
  • Cyberdramon (Airdramon)
  • Tennyotchi (Miss Clavel)
  • Prince Tamahilko (Royal Guard)
  • MegaKabuterimon (Blue) (Kabuterimon)
  • Etemon (Sukamon)

Mega (Seniors?)[edit | edit source]

  • Phoenixmon
  • Seraphimon
  • Imperialdramon
  • The Gotchi Queen
  • Vikemon
  • Rosemon
  • Gigaseadramon
  • Ophanimon
  • Gotcha King
  • MetalEtemon

My Pokemon team![edit | edit source]

  • Butterfree
    • Hyper Beam
    • Bug Buzz
    • Psybeam
    • Air Slash
  • Hydreigon
    • Dark Pulse
    • U-turn
    • Draco Meter
    • Bulldoze
  • Decidueye
    • Spirit Shackle
    • Leaf Blade
    • Sucker Punch
    • Brave Bird
  • Glalie
    • Crunch
    • Ice Beam
    • Freeze-Dry
    • Hail
  • Blissey
    • Toxic
    • Substitute
    • Flamethrower
    • Soft-Boiled
  • Alakazam
    • Recover
    • Charge Beam
    • Psybeam
    • Future Sight

Red Princess lineup[edit | edit source]

Red Princess Schedule.png