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Hi you don't know me I post on Reddit mainly, I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago but it might have ended up in your spam folder, we have a problem involving a funeral troll who posted this exact same date last year and is now back on the Zoids subreddit showing everyone his handywork:

I don't know if it will appear as visible to you since it has been deleted, but it is visible to me and some of us are still chatting there, anyway I posted links to screenshots below of what we were talking about in the comments:

Anyway some of us think there was a misconception where a couple of the people actually involved in the comment thread late last year tried to identify this guy as you 'Freighttrain', but he seems to rebuff their identification, and from what Phobos says you has a very high opinion of yourself and only make new accounts with the word 'train' in them so everyone knows it is you.

The guy actually messaged some of us a second time saying that he is not Freighttrain but a guy called ActedPlayer1, I looked and he actually has involvement on at least the Jurassic Park and Mortal Kombat wikis, anyway some are still unsure so I figure by process of deduction we find out if it is Freighttrain by asking you directly, they said you were also on the Jurassic Park wiki as well as the Star Wars wiki and Alien wiki, but ActedPlayer1 wasn't on those last two as far as I can tell, so the only wiki they have in common I have found is the Jurassic Park wiki.

I have been asking some guys from the Jurassic Park wiki to give their opinions on who it is based on their experience with you and ActedPlayer1 how you operate/communicate etc., one guy even thinks it could be neither of you, just a random trying to cause trouble by coasting off your or ActedPlayer1's reputation.

So a couple of days ago, one of the users chatting in the comments of that post I recently made, PMed me a lead on you to search for 'New Century sequel', was literally the second result in google search, saw you posted in r/anime which linked to an updated version on a wiki, and your profile there linked to your updated blog on this site.

Anyway I'm just asking whether or not it is you who is the funeral troll guy and if not then do you know anything about who it might be.

Freighttrain here, I left my reply on that thread on BSM's message wall that you linked to. Freighttrain (talk) 22:45, 27 October 2020 (UTC)